The 1886 Emigration from Germany to the United States
of Anton Braunger and his sister Ursula (subsequently Mrs. August Loberg)


S.S.Wieland (Hamburg America Line)

Photograph from the book “Ships of Our Ancestors” by Michael J. Anuta

Anton Braunger, 16 and his sister Ursula, 20, who were residents of Öpfingen, Germany, emigrated from Hamburg, Germany to the United States aboard the S.S. Wieland on Sunday, October 31, 1886.  Anton & Ursula arrived at the Castle Garden immigration station in the Port of New York on Saturday, November 13, 1886.  (Ellis Island would not open until 1892.)

The Statue of Liberty was dedicated by President Grover Cleveland on October 28, 1886, 16 days before their arrival. Once arriving in the port, the view of the Statue would have been off to the left as they traveled to Castle Garden (located at the tip of Manhattan). If they didn't see it from the ship, maybe they saw it from land. Anton & Ursula may have been fortunate enough to be some of the first immigrants to see the Statue of Liberty, prior to their journey to Nebraska.

With respect to the S.S. Wieland, this ship was part of the Hamburg America Line.  I was told by a professor in Hamburg that emigrants would wait on the Island of Veddle, just south of the Elbe River, and would be brought up to the ships by railroad or canal.  My great-aunt Marie Braunger recalled that my great-grandfather (Marie’s father) paid $35.00 for the voyage.

Photograph by Jeffrey R. Braunger - Jan. 1999


Below is Anton Braunger and his sister Ursula’s 1886 ship record (See Passenger Nos. 319 & 320 (final document portion). According to Captain C. Hebich's ship manifest of the S.S. Wieland, they each had one piece of baggage and were in section B. There were 642 passengers aboard with 40 in the cabin section. The ship weighed 2,331 tons. I obtained a copy of this document at the National Archives from their microfilm rolls of ship manifests. I have pasted portions of the first page, the top of a page showing what each column represents and the page containing Anton and Ursula's names and information.